Speler gezocht

beste schaakvrienden,

Zie hieronder. 

Wie het eerste komt het eerst maalt: Graag opgeven bij Joop. Ook een reservespeler mag ik opgeven!

Dear Delegates,


ICCF is delighted to announce an Interzonal Team Tournament (IZTT).


The IZTTs are held every two years as a team event among the different geographical zones of ICCF. Each team consists of eight players playing at least eight games to make it possible to qualify for title norms. The purpose of these events is to play in the spirit of "amici sumus" (we are friends) and to give players in remote and less developed regions more exposure to competitive correspondence chess. Start date is March 31, 2021.


Zone 1 (Europa) is allowed to play with 4 teams. That is we have to nominate 32 players to complete the teams.

Each member federation may nominate 1 player plus 1 reserve player. Be aware that reserve players will be in only in case some federations do not send their nominees.

The second point is that all players will be ordered by boards according to the TO rating requirements (see below). In case there are more players than it is needed in one rating gap, those entries which were sent first would be accepted.