Ukraine 60 jaar


Beste schaakvrienden

Dit bericht krijg ik vanuit de Ukraine. Wie het eerst komt eerst maalt. Eén speler, éen reserve! Opgeven bij Joop Jansen 

Message from Ukrainian federation:

This year the Correspondence Chess Federation of Ukraine commemorates 60 years of national corrchess organization and tournament activity in Ukraine via playing the ICCF webserver friendly match (60 boards, start November 30, time control 50 days per 10 moves) vs team "Rest of the World". Artis Gaujens of Latvia will act as Team Captain for the RoW team.

Message from me:

As board count is set to 60 , we have to arrange strict nomination . For each country two players (nominated player, 1 reserve ) . In practice , I think reserves have a big chance to play.Please send nominations to me till 01.11 .