Nieuwe regelgeving ICCF

Elk jaar worden de spelregels voor de ICCF-webserver herzien, na goedkeuring door het ICCF-Congres. Deze nieuwe regels zijn terug te vinden op de ICCF-website. Hierna volgt een samenvatting van alle wijzigingen (in het Engels). De belangrijkste wijzigingen gaan over de nieuwe Norm-toernooien (zie nr. 3) en de wijzigingen t.a.v ETL (Exceeding Time Limit) (zie nrs. (9), (11) en (12)).

Brief summary of rule changes as of January 2019

(1) §, §, & § The Chess960 World Cup no longer results in a WCCC entry. [2018-032]
(2) §1.2.3.: The World Cup frequency changed from every 2 to every 4 years, starting 2020. [2018-045]
(3) §1.2.4: The previous Master Norm and GM Norm events are replaced with 2 CCE norm events, 2 CCM norm events, 2 Master norm events, 2 SIM norm events, and 2 GM norm events. [2018-036]  To all players:  you can find further details about these new norm tournaments on the ICCF homepage (in notes dated 8/12/2018 & 13/12/2018), or just by clicking on "New events" in the left column!
(4) §1.5.1.: Chess960 events are not title norm eligible. [Based on the failure to approve 2018-028]
(5) §1.5.4.: ICCF will produce CCE and CCM medals, distributed to player or member federation delegate at Congress if requested at least 6 weeks in advance. [2018-020]
(6) § Concerns updating information for the ICCF to be in compliance with Europe's GDPR (data confidentiality law). [2018-024]
(7) §2.2: The reference to FIDE Laws of Chess is replaced with a reference to the newly developed ICCF Laws of Correspondence Chess. [2018-044]
(8) §2.4: In postal events, the expected time control changed from 10 moves in 30 days to 10 moves in 40 days. [2018-035]
(9) §2.4.(4): If a player has 10+ ETLs (that is, 10 occurrences of "exceeding the time limit", across all events on the server) within 90 consecutive days, the player will not be allowed to register for any new event until a 90 consecutive day period has occurred without any ETLs. [2018-010]
(10) §2.5.(5), §3.16.3, & §3.16.5: Tournament directors can record leave for a player when the player cannot do for himself/herself. [2018-003]
(11) §3.17.2: An ETL ("exceeding the time limit") can never be overturned to an ongoing game. [2018-001]
(12) §3.18: An ETL ("exceeding the time limit") in a team event is always recorded as a loss. [2018-001]
(13) §3.20.3(g) & § & §6.6.5: When a player with an accepted withdrawal is adjudicated with a loss, that decision will not be posted until the 3-person panel completes its review. [2018-008A]
(14) §3.20.3(g) & §6.6.5: To overrule an original adjudicator's decision, the 3-person panel must agree unanimously (3-0). [2018-008B]
(15) §3.24: The Appeals Committee (Playing Rules) and Appeals Committee (Other Rules) were combined into one Appeals Committee. [2018-014]
(16) §4.7.5: For national events, tournament organizers will find a new option on the server to select "all ICCF rules". [2018-021]
(17) §4.7.5: Teammates are to be able to view games without any move delay or games completed. [2018-026]
(18) §5.2: A player on one team cannot be the team captain of another team in the same event. [2018-002]
(19) §5.7: A team captain can stop a player's clocks (in standard time control server events) when requesting a substitution.  [2018-001]
(20) §5.8(b) & 6.3(4) (Related to mandatory end dates for postal events) were both deleted. [2018-038]
(21) §6.4.1: National delegates are allowed to know the names of adjudicators from their own member federation. [2018-016]
(22) Appendix 2, §1: Final stages of multi-stage events (such as World Cups) do not need to meet all requirements to be norm eligible events if the earlier sections already were. [2018-031]
(23) Appendix 2, §1d: The flag of an isolated player is considered equal to that of a member federation in this section. [This change was mistakenly omitted last year, being from Congress approval of 2017-016.]

There are also two new sections at the end of the updated ICCF Rules document: (a) Errata (on page 162) and (b) Clarifying words (on page 163).  The first is a list of corrected errors from last year's edition.The second lists a set of places in the ICCF Rules where some words were added to clarify the meaning of an existing rule.