Venezuela heeft een groot invitatietoernooi (Memorial Pablo Atars 2019) opgezet voor alle ratingklassen, verdeeld over 10 groepen. Triple Block System met 302 dagen totaal, dus maximale duur is iets minder dan een jaar. Begindatum is 15 mei 2019 en opgave uiterlijk 28 april 2018 bij Cesar Reyes. Er zijn geldprijzen per groep te verdienen. Voor details, zie de Engelse tekst hieronder:


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International Open in 10 Groups by categories (rating list 2019-2)
Organizer: Postal Chess Federation of Venezuela FEDAPVEN
Time control: Triple Block (302)
Start date:  May 15, 2019

- 35 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 1 and 2.
- 30 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 3 and 4.
- 25 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 5 and 6.
- 20 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 7 and 8.
- 15 EUROS to the winner of each section in groups 9 and 10

Registration by Participant: 10 EUROS through PayPal (cesarreyesm@yahoo.es)

TO: César Jesús Reyes Maldonado (VEN)
TD: IA Juan Martello (ARG)

II International Tournament "Por Venezuela" Pablo Atars Memorial 2019

For no one is a secret, in our Globalized World, the severe conjunctural crisis that crosses the Venezuela of today in the social, political and economic plane. However, as a noble people, warrior and liberator, we do not doubt that the solution lies in love, peace and in initiatives such as the one we are now proposing "POR VENEZUELA", an International Correspondence Chess Tournament that summons all Chess Players at a Distance of the World in order to support an Entrepreneurial Nation and, in passing, pay a permanent tribute to the Memory of a great player in the history of Venezuelan and Latin American chess, Don Pablo Atars.

The Venezuelan Federation of Postal Chess (Fedap-Ven) announces the organization of the II CORRESPONDENCE CHESS TOURNAMENT IN MEMORY OF PABLO ATARS (* 1904 and 1976), a notable player of Latvian origin (Latvia) who, at the same time as an excellent the discipline exercised leadership, journalistic and organizational functions on behalf of Venezuela.

PABLO ATARS was between 1961-1967 collaborator of the prestigious monthly chess magazine "Sacha Pasaule-Chess World" of the United States (USA) where he elaborated specialized articles about The Latvian Gambit. He also promoted thematic events by correspondence on this Gambit, such as the "Betins Memorial". On the death of Pablo Atars (1976), the American Ojars Leonhards Purins continued performing the "Betins Memorial" tournaments and organized the "Atars Memorial" tournaments from 1976 to 1980

Pablo Atars obtained the Latin American Postal Master (MLP) norm in 1967 when he occupied the 5th place in the I CADAP Zonal Tournament (won by the Venezuelan Celso Sánchez Pouso). As a leader, Atars was part of the Committee of Vice Presidents of the CADAP during the period 1969-1976, the year of his death

 Along with CADAP (already disappeared entity), FEDAPVEN organized the 1st Tournament in Tribute to Pablo Atars in 2016, giving it then rank of American Zone Tournament, exclusive for American Zone 2 players and some international guests. In this Second Edition, FEDAPVEN has made an effort to give it international character, hence the call is extended to all ICCF players in the World who wish to participate.

1) FEDAPVEN wants, through a correspondence chess tournament, to set an example of initiative and entrepreneurship in the midst of the crisis "Por Venezuela".
2) FEDAPVEN undertakes to pay permanent posthumous tribute to this renowned character in the history of Venezuelan and Latin American Postal Chess, Pablo Atars.
3) FEDAPVEN aims to bring together the largest number of chess players of all categories around an international brotherhood and activation event "Por Venezuela".
4) FEDAPVEN wants to offer all participating chess players the possibility of obtaining official ICCF titles such as GM, IM, SIM, CCM and CCE.
5) FEDAPVEN aims to recognize with a cash prize (EUROS) the champions of each group and sections that will be organized.

The upload date to the ICCF web server will be on April 30, 2019 and the time will be activated on May 15, 2019, start date. The Rating 2019-2 of the ICCF will be used.


The open tournament will be played in a single stage, by Groups, according to ICCF rating ranges. Each group can be divided into several sections, according to the minimum or maximum number of expected participants. Each section will have its independent award.

The Rating ranges in the respective Groups will be the following:
• Group 1: Rating 2401 or more (11-13 players), at 7+.
• Group 2: Rating 2351 to 2400 (11-13 players), cat 5-6.
• Group 3: Rating 2301 to 2350 (11-13 players), cat 3-4.
• Group 4: Rating 2251 to 2300 (11-13 players), cat 1-2.
• Group 5: Rating 2201 to 2250 (9-11 Players), cat K-L.
• Group 6: Rating 2151 to 2200 (9-11 Players), cat I-J.
• Group 7: Rating 2101 to 2150 (9-11 Players), cat G-H.
• Group 8: Rating 2051 to 2100 (9-11 Players), cat E-F.
• Group 9: Rating 1951 to 2050 (7-9 players), cat A-D.
• Group 10: Rating 1950 or less (7-9 players), without category.

This is a tournament per server.
The start date: 05-15-2019. Completion date: 03-13-2020.
Triple block system for a 302 day event, with an initial bank of 51 days and a 1 day increment for the first 50 movements used.

If a player's clock reaches zero, the player automatically scores with a loss (even if the bank and / or the increase is> 0). Under some circumstances, all player's games will be canceled later (if they are not yet classified). Players can not stop their clocks to say goodbye. Linear conditions can be entered. This tournament allows claims based on the six-piece base. The 50 movements rule does not apply in positions with seven or fewer pieces. Tie bids are restricted to one bid per player every 10 moves (called the 10-move draw rule). Ties are defined according to the Sonneborn-Berger rule for tiebreaks. If necessary, the servers will be selected by the server. Other participants can watch the games live after 10 games have ended in the event. The live broadcast is delayed by 5 moves. The public can see the games live after 10 games have ended in the event. The live broadcast is delayed by 5 moves.

The cost of the tournament will be 10 EUROS per player, per ticket. Multiple entries are allowed per player according to the number of sections that are structured in your Group.
The registration deadline will be April 28, 2019.

The inscriptions must contain the following information:
•          Player's name
•          Email address
•          ICCF ID
•          Number of entries.

Award and title rules:
• 35-30-25-20-15 EUROS to the absolute winner of each section.
• GM, SIM, IM, CCM and CCE rules according to the category of the groups that are formed in each section.

There is ONE SINGLE form of registration: Transfer via PayPal to the account cesarreyesm@yahoo.esThis inscription can be done directly by the player himself, indirectly, through a family member or third person or, through his National Federation, League or Club, for the cases of registration of multiple players of the same nationality or team.

CCM / ML César Jesús Reyes Maldonado
President of FEDAP-VEN